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Moomins Christmas Mug

Wow, due to extreme popularity, the Christmas Moomins mug has gone already, but all other designs are still available!

For those of you not acquainted, the Moomins are a loveable Swedish/Finnish cartoon family of eccentric cartoon characters.

They’ve been published in Sweden and Finland since 1945 in books and comic strips and they’ve had a place in our Aussie hearts since the “Moomin Boom” in the 90s (that’s a real thing, yes) when they became popular worldwide.

These are beaut, fun, well crafted Finnish mugs.

The Christmas Moomin mug portrays young Moomintroll experiencing snowfall for the first time - a memorable experience for quite a few Australians.

We’re sorry that the Christmas themed one costs more. That’s not our style. It just costs us more to import because it’s strictly a limited edition.

Shipping is free on orders over $75.