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Alperstein Dancing Wombat Mug

Mick Harding belongs to the Yowung-Illam-Baluk clan of the Taungurung people - a tribe of the Kulin nation. Mick was born in Melbourne, and he shops at McIver's every once in a while too.

His artworks draw inspiration and use imagery from the stories of his people. The Dancing Wombat Mug is a collaboration Mick is doing with Alperstein - it's one of our favourites.

"Warendj the Wombat is a solitary fella. He is a vegetarian who spends most of the day in his burrow, safe under the ground. He is most active at dawn and dusk, when he spends hours grazing on his favourite food, which are native grasses.

He follows Bunjils law which is about looking after our country."

- Mick Harding



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