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  • Plums
  • Berries
  • Caramel


A fruit bomb.

Sweet lashings of dark red plums and berries.

Splashes of citrus, and a generous serving of honey.

Our Nicaraguan is a “naturally” processed coffee. Natural processing involves drying coffee in the sun over a matter of weeks, instead of washing it in water in a giant machine.

The process allows parts of the sweet, outer coffee cherry to make it into the final bean collection. It’s a traditional, rustic method of preparation that is increasing in popularity. In the case of our Nicaraguan, the flavour from the cherry has definitely seeped its way into our roasted beans and the results are sweet and delicious.

This bean is packed full of sweet fruit flavours we’ve had it roasted for long enough to bring out just a hint of caramel. Try it out!

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