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Zassenhaus Grinder - Montevideo

Drinking freshly ground coffee is like tasting coffee in high definition. When coffee is made from fresh ground, its flavours are brought to life.

Hand grinders allow us to unlock the deepest flavours of the drink we drink every morning, and the act of turning the handle and manually grinding the beans becomes a ritual almost as important and revitalising as the coffee itself.

About Zassenhaus

Zassenhaus has a reputation for making possibly the best hand grinders available in the world today, and that's because as a company, they embody the spirit German craftsmanship. They've been doing it since 1867.

It's a particularly German cultural trait to appreciate quality. Germans may only own one jacket, or one pair of boots, or one pair of glasses, but in each case, it's the item is chosen deliberately and perfectly. That's what a Zassenhaus grinder is all about:

High quality materials, made in Germany, a classic aesthetic, a world-class conical burr grinding mechanism.

About the Zassenhaus Montevideo Grinder

The Montevideo is possibly Zassenhaus's most stylish grinder. It's slightly more compact than other similar grinders (like the Brasilia) with a design sensibility that is halfway between "classic" and modern.

Its steel conical burr mechanism produces a highly uniform grind, that is capable of grinding everything from fine espresso coffee through to a coarser plunger grind.

The Montevideo is made in Germany and Zassenhaus are so confident of the grind mechanism that they guarantee it for 25 years.

This model is made from walnut/pear stained wood, and features a 50g capacity hopper

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