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Indigenous Tea Bundle

Indigenous tea bundle

We are in love with Australian Indigenous teas.  Gulbarn, Kulbanyi, Jilungin. Lemon Myrtle and of course our baby – Waltzing Myrtle.

We have put together a package so you can get to try them all – or just give them as gifts and hopefully get to sit at the table with the recipient. We know at first glance these teas seem expensive so to get you over that hurdle, we have put together a bundle with one full sized retail pack of each of these teas at a 25% discount. That’s one pack each of Gulbarn, Jilungin, Kulbanyi, Lemon Myrtle and Waltzing Myrtle for $43.50 instead of the usual total of $58.00.

 When you purchase Indigenous produced product you are supporting communities all over the country to live and work on their land in their way; to share their stories and knowledge with a wider world.  At McIver’s we want to support these businesses and help make them viable and rewarding. Our part is simple – we just have to spread the word, share our love for the teas and get it into as many hands as possible.  

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