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Christmas Moomins Mug + Christmas Tea

A perfect Christmas gift: McIver's Christmas Tea and a limited edition Christmas Mug of the iconic Moomins. The mug features Moomintroll experiencing snow for the first time.

Christmas Tea

Christmas tea is ginger, orange peel, star anise and cloves on a black tea base. It’s a tea-cake flavoured tea! Both a yule tide novelty and delicious in its own right. People actually ask us for it in the middle of the year.

Christmas tea has been a big hit for six years now. It’s a tasty night cap for ham stuffed family members (add some whiskey at your own discretion) and it’s also an incredibly easy and cute gift for people that are hard to buy for. Enough of the hard-sell. Enjoy our Christmas Tea.

Ingredients: Sri Lankan black tea (ethical tea partnership certified), ginger, orange peel, star anise, cloves.

Weight: 100 g 

Moomin Mugs

For those of you not acquainted, the Moomins are a loveable Swedish/Finnish cartoon family of eccentric cartoon characters.

They’ve been published in Sweden and Finland since 1945 in books and comic strips and they’ve had a place in our Aussie hearts since the “Moomin Boom” in the 90s (that’s a real thing, yes) when they became popular worldwide.

These are beaut, fun, well crafted Finnish mugs.

The Christmas Moomin mug portrays young Moomintroll experiencing snowfall for the first time - a memorable experience for quite a few Australians.



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