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Ethiopia Gera

  • Cocoa
  • Fruit
  • Bitter Almonds

This Ethiopian Gera is a very limited run. This is a rare and tasty treat for the coffee connoisseur. If you loved our other Ethiopians in the past you have to try this. It’s a delicious counter-point. There’s only a few bags in Melbourne and we have them.

A month or two ago our new friend Abdul came into our Vic Market store and asked if we were interested in some green unroasted beans that his cousin had been growing in Ethiopia. The beans looked good to us and we were intrigued so we showed some to our roaster/mad scientist, Chris.

Chris was unequivocal, “This is a wild and unique bean. Let’s roast some.” And so our partnership with Abdul and Boon Coffee (his newly founded importing company) was born.

This Ethiopian Gera is a wild and unique cup. The first thing you notice is it’s smooth. It has a silky mouth feel. Then come the flavours… cocoa powder and sugary lemon. Pear blossom. Hints of red stone fruit and bitter almonds. It’s not an overpowering flavour profile, it’s an intricate dance of complex flavours that change dramatically as the cup cools.

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