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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (Limited)

  • Cocoa
  • Lemon
  • Sugar

Ethiopia is the home of coffee and Yirgacheffe beans are one of Ethiopia's most proud offerings. These aren't your standard beans. If you're used to blends and South/Central American roasts then know that you're in for something a little more wild here.

Expect a medium bodied coffee with incredible complexity to the flavour. Dry cocoa, candied lemon, nuts, sugar and spices. There's a lot to taste and you should expect to find huge differences in the flavour depending on what strength you brew it to and what temperature you drink it at. 

This is great for long blacks and perfect for people who make their coffee in an Aeropress or paper filter.

If you drink it with milk you can expect something very chocolatey.

This Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is a limited run. This is grade 1 washed coffee - the highest grade of Ethiopian coffee reserved for only a small percentage of beans.


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