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  • Nova Red Aluminium Stovetop Coffee Pot 9 Cup

Nova Red Stovetop Coffee Pot (9 Cup)

A classic and eye catching red aluminium stovetop coffee pot. The octagonal aluminium pot is the quintessential way to home-brew espresso coffee.

Nova manufactures these stylish red-devils and they are a bit of a customer favourite. A 9 cup pot serves 2-4 people (depending on their caffeine requirements).

Brewing the perfect stovetop espresso:

- Fill the bottom part of the pot to just below the valve (don't cover the valve - it needs to let in air).
- Fill the coffee basket to the brim, but do not pat it down. Leave it loose.
- Have the flame as high as possible without the flames creeping up the side of the pot.
- When the water reaches a deep "rolling" boil, turn off the flame and leave the pot for a minute or so until the brew is complete.

9 Cup:


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