Why can I buy English Breakfast in 1kg bags but Assam Dikom in 800g?
It’s like that old teaser “Which weighs more? A kilo of feathers or a kilo of lead?” I think the easiest explanation is to say whatever fits in the bag goes. The mid-sized bulk bags are 250h x 125w x 90d and the large bags are 340h x 145w x 90d. Of course, when they are filled they are a bit shorter. They can weigh a lot or a little.

Can I pick up my order at the Queen Vic Market Store?
All our orders are filled in Brunswick West because that is where we keep all our stock. The market is very small and packed to the brim with no room for anything more. You can pick up from McIver's North, just select Click & Collect.

Do you sell decaf tea?
We don’t. You can lower the caffeine content by brewing for a minute, disposing of it and starting again. Or you can drink any of the wide array of caffeine-free brews. If you are looking for something to drink with milk switch to Rooibos, a South African powerhouse of a drink and pick up any of Alexander McCall Smith’s No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency novels. Those ladies live on Rooibos and get things done.

Why does the tea/coffee I regularly buy look/taste different this time?
What we often forget (because of the skills of roasters and blenders) is that tea and coffee are agricultural products subject to seasonal variations. If you are buying single origin beans or leaves this can be pronounced. Most of the time product is consistent but occasionally rainfall and temperature have an effect.

Why don't you sell teabags?
We don’t sell teabags for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we love our teas fresh and brewed to the strength we like them and secondly, because teabags are mainly air. 200gms of tea vs tea divided into 1-2gm teabags and then put into about 15 packets. It doesn’t make sense economically or packaging wise.

How long can I keep the beans/grinds? How should I store them?
People who love rules will hate this answer, but it is somewhat subjective. For some people coffee must be ground right before use and beans can only be consumed within days of roasting. They are the super tasters. For mere mortals, if the beans are left unopened it can be a couple of months. For ground coffee the window is smaller. But pay attention when you drink. You will come up with the answer that is right for you. Keep your coffee in a cool dark place that is not the refrigerator. If you know you will take a while to drink it, take out what you need and put the rest in an airtight container (our bags rolled tight work very well). All that aside, fresh is best so order often rather than big if you can.

Why can't I find the coffee beginning with C I usually buy in store?
Ah, this is a thorny one. We can’t answer that, but one could say Caribbean coffee is almost, if not actually, identical.

Do you offer wholesale prices?
We are always happy to discuss wholesale. Give us a call or send an email. Personal contact is always the best.