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Our Coffee

Every day we are asked “What is your best Coffee?” What an impossible question to answer. The answer is totally different for everyone. We answer with questions. “How do you make it?” “Do you like it strong, or sweet?” “Do you like it citrusy or do you like it bitter?” (Yes, bitter is a valid choice too) We whittle the options until we have an idea of what you might like. And for some – like us – they just keep drinking all of them one week at a time. Just to see what’s out there.

We don’t roast. Why would we when have a multi generational relationship with one roasting family and another roaster who overcame our reluctance to take him on by showing up every week with a new ethically sourced or organic coffee. We had to have them. These two coffee lovers spend their lives intent on knowing everything there is to know about coffee. Their quality control of their green beans is flawless. Whether is standard, ethically sourced, Rainforest Alliance or direct trade with farmers they only accept premium product. They choose beans with specific profiles and know just how to roast them to show off their different characteristics. With decades of experience, they are the specialist coffee roasters. We are the specialist retailers.