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Hmmm, how to start? I grew up with tea. When I was 8 my mother would ask me to make her a cup of tea in bed and when I brought it to her she would look at me accusingly, “You took the kettle to the pot, not the pot to the kettle!” How did she know? That one little move made all the difference.

Here at McIver’s sometimes we import our teas or herbs, sometimes we use trusted brokers. We blend, we play, and we listen. Most of our teas are houseblends however we do make an exception for a couple of much loved flavoured tea imports. We don’t pretend to be lovers of all teas. Some people love herbs, or black, or green, or sweet. Some enjoy the light and subtle flavours of delicate greens, others the heavy hitting old fashioned blacks. We taste from all perspectives and listen to our customer’s opinions. Customers are the ultimate reviewers. The opinions and feedback we receive all logged, to work at getting better at what we do.

Blending tea is like following Alice down the rabbit hole. Sometimes you go in with one idea and come out with something entirely different but better. We source teas from all over the world. Whenever we can we take the organic option. Our house blends only use real products – no flavouring.

Tea comforts, it cools, it provides that oasis of peace between activities. There is a Dutch word “gezellig” (look it up) that expresses what tea can do perfectly. It was explained to me as that state of cosiness that exists in a warm room full of friends on a dark night.