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Avanti Inox Stainless Steel Stovetop Pot

Avanti Inox Stainless Steel Stovetop Pot

Ahhh... The stovetop espresso pot - it's almost synonymous with morning coffee. In recent years the paper filter pour-over has become an equally popular method of brewing your morning cup of mud... So what's the real difference?

Stovetop pots brew the coffee at a higher temperature than pour-over filters (which means more caffeine in your cup). They also don't filter the coffee which leads to a richer, headier brew and allows some of the coffees natural oils into the brew - just like an espresso machine (generally stovetop pots are not bitter like machine espresso is, though).

If you're looking to make morning coffee that is lighter, with a cleaner flavour profile - check out our Hario pour-overs.

If you're looking for something rich, aromatic and with the potential to put a little hair on your chest (if you pick a strong bean) then the stovetop espresso is for you!

About this pot...

We stock the Avanti 'Inox' because our customers report that it is ergonomic, well made, and reliable.

Stainless Steel Pots have an advantage over aluminium:  they are a lot easier to clean because you don't have to be as careful about drying them out after each use.


Size is measured in espresso cups so a 6 cup pot makes enough for two sizeable mugs in the morning.

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