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A complex beautifully balanced coffee that has us hooked. There's a lot going on here!

Our Burundi is a punch-drunk mix of a syrupy mouth-feel and a chocolatey flavour combined with lashings of dark red fruit, herbs and apple-acidity. It's difficult to describe how these flavours work in perfect harmony with each other but they do.

This is a turbulent but totally balanced coffee - a perfect storm.

Be on the look out for chocolate, citrus, clove, smoked nuts, red berries.

There's no correct way to make this one. We've been having it with milk and also as a long black. You'll get a little more spicy dark fruit and less acidity if you brew it with a filter.

If you're the sort of person who holds your coffee in the mouth to savour the flavour - don't miss this one!


In Central Africa, the Republic Of Burundi has a strong coffee culture, similar to that of its neighbour, Rwanda. Central African coffee is known for its bourbon varieties, red fruit, berry and citrus flavours.

Farmers in Burundi grow coffee as their major cash crop so they are masters of balancing a very delicate agricultural system in mountainous terrain.

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