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Ceylon Premium Breakfast

Ceylon Premium Breakfast

Our Ceylon breakfast is a BOP from the Nandana factory, grown in the low-lying Matra region of Sri Lanka. As the name suggests, this is a classic breakfast tea. It has a wonderful depth to its colour and flavour that is typical of tea grown at lower elevation.

We visited the Nandana factory. What a beautiful place it is. The ethical priorities start at the top with Mr. Gunasoma Wanigasekara and seem to infuse everyone with enthusiasm for a shared project. The Nandana Tea Factory is not a plantation. It is a factory that relies on smaller local leaf growers to supply its leaves. This system supports small hold farmers to produce the best tea they can and make a living wage. This is profoundly different to the classic plantation model, which prevails in much of Sri Lanka.

The Nandana Factory is a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership.  You can read about their work here.

Pictures on the left show a Farmer at the Nandana factory harvesting leaves and their Education Officer overseeing the shade trees.
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