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Dutch Cocoa

Dutch cocoa from Belgium.

Wait, shouldn't Dutch cocoa come from Holland?

Nope! Dutch or "dutched" cocoa is actually just cocoa that has been processed in a specific way to have its acidity neutralised. This gives the cocoa a smooth, earthy flavour and a rich, dark colour.

Follow our instructions for the perfect hot chocolate:

1. In a generously sized mug put 2 teaspoons of Dutch Cocoa and 3 teaspoons of sugar. (This just is a suggested starting point - adjust the ratio to suit your taste.)

2. Run the tap until the water is hot, and put a dash of hot water into the bottom of the mug. Mix to make a thick paste. Use a minimum of water.

3. Pour in hot milk from the stove, slowly, stirring as you go, OR:

3. Pour in cold milk slowly, stirring as you go then microwave for 1-2 minutes.

Ingredients: Dutch cocoa.

Weight: 250g



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