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Jasmine Pearls

Jasmine Pearls

White tea, carefully rolled up with jasmine into marble-sized pearls. This is a truly authentic Jasmine tea experience.

White tea refers to the young spring pickings of the green tea plant. It's more delicate than green tea, less refined and more rich in anti-oxidants. White tea leaves are rolled into small 'pearls' and dried with jasmine. The smooth, sweet taste of white tea is the perfect backdrop for natural jasmine. Jasmine Pearls are delicate and beautiful way to experience jasmine tea.

Ingredients: white tea, jasmine.

Instructions: Use around 4 pearls per cup. The pearls can be infused 3 times. Most of the caffeine comes out in the first infusion. Subsequent infusions will have a subtler character without losing fullness of body.

Weight: 40g

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