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Porlex Mini Coffee Grinder

Drinking freshly ground coffee is like tasting coffee in high definition. When coffee is made from fresh grounds, its flavours are brought to life. 

Hand grinders allow us to unlock the deepest flavours of the drink we drink every morning, and the act of turning the handle and manually grinding the beans becomes a ritual almost as important and revitalising as the coffee itself.

About the Porlex Hand Coffee Grinder 

The Porlex Mini Coffee Grinder is an ultra-portable hand coffee grinder. There are a few similar coffee grinders on the market but this is absolutely our pick (also worth checking out out the stylish but slightly larger Hario Prism).

It uses ceramic conical burrs to grind the coffee which means that the grind is very consistent, the burrs don’t rust, and they stay sharp for much longer than stainless steel burrs.

The grinders body holds 20g of coffee.

The Porlex can grind beans fine enough for a paper filter, course enough for a plunger, and everything in between. It has 12 different settings to control the grind that are easy to switch between.



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